Hagan Blount

Chefs of The Crimson Sparrow

Hagan Blount
Chefs of The Crimson Sparrow

When we started PlaceInvaders, we had a few selfish goals in mind. What if we could travel the world, staying in all the best homes, eating and drinking the best things each city has to offer, and meeting all the adventurous, interesting people who produce and enjoy the food and drinks of that region? We spent the first year and a half running all the PlaceInvaders kitchens ourselves, but recently found that branching out to include professional chefs in our events was a smart next step, and led to a couple great benefits (other than making us significantly more likely to be speaking to one another when guests arrive). 

First, we get to host the events, focusing on our guests' experience and getting to know all the lovely people who show up. Second, we get to experience the great food (oh, and also our guests do) and learn clever techniques from the talented and awesome chefs we partner with.

Below is a dish that we had the pleasure of trying at Hudson, NY's The Crimson Sparrow.

Asparagus, Smoked Yolk, Egg Botarga

The gentlemen who'll be joining us for next weekend's Catskills PlaceInvaders are chefs John McCarthy and Ryan Tate of the aforementioned eatery. By way of our budding partnership, we alerted and entitled ourselves to the epic Crimson Sparrow tasting menu while visiting a few weeks ago. And on the Sparrow's lovely back patio, watching John and Ryan practice their magic behind the glass--a unique but somewhat zoo-like experience of a fishbowl kitchen--we repeatedly high-fived and back-patted ourselves for our wise choice of bringing these two on board. 

Smoked Mussel, Pickled Celery, Chinese Celery Oil

The many courses we enjoyed are immortalized in these few photos. If you were on the fence about getting tickets for next weekend, these last few might do the trick.

John working his magic in the kichen, making us a dish of Kampachi, Nori Oil, & Cress

Dulce de Leche Anglaise, Strawberries, Pine Nut Tuile

Cover Photo: Rabbit Terrine, Brussels Sprouts, Almonds, Wild Greens