Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // September 29, 2017

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // September 29, 2017

We’re only just sneaking in our SJW side in this week’s email, Invaders. Hope you aren’t too disappointed. We were wondering if you wanted to submit suggestions for things to talk about. We are always looking for interesting subjects, points of view, and things we just never would have thought to read about. If you have any links for us to take a look at, send them our way - if we feature them, we’ll send you a discount code for a future Invasion!

When robots fix robots, what work will we have to do?

This barley farm in England was tilled, planted, and harvested entirely by robots. In the wine industry, there have been many advances in farming technology that remove people from the processing of grapes. These advances aren’t going to create more jobs in other places. They will force us to create other means of income and rely on some other authority to provide for the wherewithal of the rest of the population. We’re excited about this progress and less so about the potential solution to feeding 7 billion people without “work.”

Psychology beats business training when it comes to entrepreneurship

We are small business owners completely untrained in the business of small business ownership, other than the on-the-job training we scare up for ourselves. Here is a fun piece of well-researched evidence that that fancy MBA might not be what we’re missing at all. Three groups of entrepreneurs in Togo were given 1) psychology-focused training, 2) business process training, or 3) no training. No measurable difference between the second and third groups, but big improvements in the first. Honey, call the shrink! We’re going to kill it in 2018.

West Village townhouse with ‘one of the finest Federal doorways in the Village’ seeks $11.25M

Urban legends and tall tales of people with outrageously below market rent controlled situations are the stuff New Yorkers’ dreams are made of. This historic townhouse on Morton Street sells with five occupied units, ranging in rental rate from $7,687/month for the parlor floor to $127.61/month for what one assumes is the top floor. We are sure the little old man or woman who inhabits such a well-priced abode must be just lovely. Perhaps they’re in the market for a late-in-life adoption?

The market at work: Wings

We always order ours extra crispy with light sauce. Seriously, you never know what kind of monster you have back there making your wings. We’ve never received an overdone wing, but we know that day is coming. A chicken only has four wings, so whenever you order a dozen, that’s three chickens you’re eating… and they might not have been the most ethically raised chickens, either. Just understand we’re at a weird time in history where we are sure you are finding fewer and fewer reasons not to be vegan. Looking forward to the day when Beyond Meat comes out with a chicken wing.

The seven minute ad in the Lady Gaga documentary

We saw it, thought it was OK. She’s got a hella weird life, so it’s interesting to get a glimpse of it. We thought the whole Joanne thing was a bit contrived, but there’s some marketing value there, as there was in the over the top retail behemoth ad smack in the middle of the video. We’re positive that check was enough to pay for the whole production; also positive that it won’t save us from renewing our Amazon Prime membership. How come no one else is talking about this?