Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 28, 2017

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 28, 2017

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TableTalk July 28

So many healthcare hot takes, so little time. We will not be contributing to the conversation about the healthcare debate this week--not because it’s not important, there’s just a lot else to read. Tacos, and bridges, and securities law, OH MY! Friends: here’s the last TableTalk of July.

The Last Secret, Illicit Parties Atop The Old Kosciuszko Bridge

A lovely account in Gothamist of a small group’s secret parties to celebrate the last days of the worst bridge in five boroughs. Said bridge is now making its way to New Jersey for a quiet late life on a farm; shouldn’t all hard-working, tired-ass New Yorkers be able to realize such a serene retirement.

It’s Late and You’ve Got the Munchies. Lyft and Taco Bell Have an Idea.

We can’t decide if this is brilliant or terrible. Hopefully the drivers get a kickback--beyond just an extra crunchwrap, some fire sauce, and a backseat full of little cheese and lettuce shreds. What’s next, UberEats + Uber means when your ride to the airport picks you up, there’s a pizza waiting on board for you? Now, that’s convenient.

It’s not funny money, it’s decentralized control

We’re going to get you into two different things in the blockchain space today - paid Reddit (Steemit) and why Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are the way forward into post-capitalism. You probably didn’t hear that the SEC ruled that DAOs are illegal under securities law. Of course they are - that law was made in the 1920s where anyone with a sturdy box to stand on and a stack of fancy papers to hand out could promise orange futures to the unsuspecting. Today, these consumer protections make sure you’re an institutional investor (read: rich) to make money off an IPO. Thanks to the US government, you’ll now just need a VPN.

How BuzzFeed’s Tasty Conquered Online Food

You know those snacky little videos all over your Facebook, shot from above, showing speedy food prep step-by-step? Yeah, those ones you somehow can’t ever help but watch. Those Tasty videos have been taking over the world for months now, but the New York Times is ON IT, now that there are cookbook and kitchen appliance spin-offs in the works, too.

My Eye Won’t Stop Twitching—Am I Dying?

Because who hasn’t at one point worried about this? Oh man, WebMDing your symptoms and self-diagnosing is a slippery slope to anxiety and paranoia. Find out what aging rock star weighs in on this common concern.