PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 23, 2017

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 23, 2017

Breaking news, Invaders: we’re launching a newsletter! PlaceInvaders TableTalk will be a quick, witty inbox break you won’t want to miss every Friday, featuring five topics we think are worth talking about at our dinner tables over the weekend. You know we love food, wine, cocktails, and real estate (and those topics will certainly be well represented), but did you know Hagan is a futurist, cryptocurrency junkie? That Katie has a budding cross stitch habit? (Ok, ok, bad examples, we promise to cap the articles we share on those two matters.)

Below are five topics that have piqued our curiosity in our travels across the world and web that we’d love to chat about over a glass or few of wine with you, dear Invaders.  

People in Detroit are restoring and renovating old mansions and Airbnb is ON IT
Unfortunately, Airbnb’s new magazine’s online format only shows an article preview, but it may be worth a subscribe for features on the company’s international community and trends. If you’re truly curious about the renaissance of Detroit and the people behind it, though, may we recommend photographer Michael Arnaud’s book Detroit: The Dream is Now (and you may recognize the cover image as the site of a past Invasion).

The future of our society is distributed and autonomous
Working on the fringe of the regulatory structure of American foodservice, we understand that we have to stay abreast with technological advances in order to protect our business. In 2017, we’ll be rolling out cryptocurrency acceptance, past that, we’re likely issuing an asset of our own to be used exclusively for attending PlaceInvaders events. Naval Ravikant is a thought leader in the blockchain space; this series of tweets perfectly explains why there is no way forward for our society but onto the blockchain.

Freda Moon’s beautiful NYTimes profile of Baja California
Though it’s from 2014, we don’t imagine too much has changed from Moon’s delightful descriptions of her and her husband’s trip down the peninsula. We’re here in Baja for the second time together this week, and revisiting this article that first alerted us to the gorgeous, deserted campground Saldamando, where we’re sleeping and making our meals this week makes us wish we had time to head south for an extra few weeks or months.

The new economics of the NBA
After last night’s draft, the start of the offseason trades, and impending free-agency, there are only five teams (maybe six, Minnesota!) that are in contention for the 2018 NBA championship. That leaves fan bases of 24 teams with nothing to hope for but parity-enforcing change in player salaries. Here are the current economics behind why only a few teams end up able to afford to compete each year. 

Eleven Madison Park is closed for renovations & Invading a Hamptons House
Old-home-as-restaurant is certainly a concept we can get on board with, and we’ll look the other way regarding that $19 tomato on the menu to appreciate the real estate porn in this Eater NY story on the East End party house. Newsday has the inside on the pop-up’s off the hizzook Lobster Boil (recipe included!). We like your style, Will & Daniel; happy to have y'all come Invade with us anytime.