Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 4, 2017

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 4, 2017

Sorry for the late email, Invaders. We’ve got some iffy internet in the Echo Park place we’re Invading this weekend. It’s also the first time we’ve seen each other for a month, so we made it a late one and had some serious conversations about the future. All positive, growth-related, strategic, and will lead to more Invasions near you very soon, so pick up a fork (doesn’t matter if it’s BTC or BCH) and dig into this week’s table talk.

Remembering Judith Jones, who insisted on cooking with self-respect

The editor responsible for Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking --as well as Anne Frank’s diary--is remembered in a lovely tribute by Constance Grady at Vox, who describes Jones’ take on elevating the practice of cooking for oneself: warming of the plate, lighting the candles, opening the wine. We’re on board for all that.

The Worst Internet in America

Contrary to what we often feel, it in isn’t our teeny town of Los Alamos where we relocated from Brooklyn last fall. This story highlights a huge issue in America of abysmal Internet speeds for less populous regions. Traffic, affordable housing crises, and self-driving/electric cars will make it exponentially more attractive to live outside major metro areas in the near future, but if zippy Internet isn’t readily available, who can live like that? The Internet is too damn slow will be the new the rent is too damn high.

The Emoji Movie Is Perfect If You Enjoy Seeing the Disappointed Faces of Children

This summer’s hotness is taking down the Emoji Movie, with all the Internet’s click chasers piling on to issue their (often actually factually incorrect!) burns and disses. Here’s our take: calm down, it’s not THAT bad, y’all. Yes, it’s a dumb premise. No, it isn’t “the darkest, most dismaying film” ever.A malfunctioning, multi-emotioned 😕 seeks to reach the cloud (via Dropbox!) where he can become A Real Meh, with the help of a once popular ✋🏼 (with a never explained band-aid) and an escaped 👸🏽. We’ll allow a father/son 💩 team shouting “We’re #2” and Christina Aguilera’s dance app cameo for a Tuesday matinee ticket price. Hot tip: those of you residing in recreational marijuana states ought to take advantage before your viewing.

A Primer on Picpoul

Picpoul is a beautiful French varietal you don’t see too often, because it seems it’s not grown too often. If you do see it--and bonus if you happen to be dining on oysters or scallops or other seafood--buy it and drink it. The ones we’ve had have been perfect green, zippy, fresh white wines at a heck of a price. Shout out to Dan at one of our favorite wine shops, Detroit’s Cost Plus Eastern Market, for showing us a great one a couple years ago.

The Fartiste

This story is a whopper if you’ve ever heard one. We were debating between featuring this one or the Malcolm Gladwell podcast, and this one squeaked in by a nose. This story of this flatulist (turned flautist) won’t quite bring you to tears, but we’re gonna let it rip anyway. We might have beef with Hagan’s mom if we didn’t tell you that we caught wind of this breaking news from her. (Sorry)