Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 11, 2017

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 11, 2017

New “city” to Invade this weekend. We’re in The OC! Send us your best ideas for fish tacos, tanning salons, beach reads, and please let us know if you have any idea what really happened to Marissa Cooper?

Also, did you know y'all clicked on the fart link like 3x more than any other one last week? Was it because of my puns?

In West Marin the Past Lives On Through Dive Bars

We have friends in Bolinas and stayed for three weeks in Mill Valley in 2015, so a little of our heart lies in the gorgeous wildness of Marin County’s west side. We’re also new-ish transplants to a little California western town, so the draw of a old timey saloon isn’t lost on us. This is a beautiful narrative on the history of the watering holes that give West Marin its charm and grit, acquainting the old with the new, the residents with the visitors, over a pint at a patinaed old bar...for better or worse. (Ed. note: we actually DID talk about this story last night over dinner when a friend brought over a bottle of wine from Bolinas; thanks Marc & Anna!)

Who Killed New York City?

One of our favorite topics, though it also makes us sad. (Spoiler alert: it’s capitalism.)

Who are these "craft brewers" making your beer?

There are more breweries in the US than ever before, but there are like two or three companies that want to change that. While this isn’t quite an Australian-level beer problem, the beer barons have conspired in other anti-competitive acts like hop hoarding and purchases that effectively make the three-tier system two (for a few). We encourage you to look for the Certified Independent Craft beer seal when buying your brew.

Why We Fell For Clean Eating

Exploring the rise, fall, rise, and fall again of clean eating, a “post-truth” cultural phenomenon with more backlash then you can shake a gluten-free, non-dairy, unprocessed, whole thirty-approved carrot stick at. So what’s to be so pissed off about? If a few million Instagrammers are inspired to swap in cauliflower shavings for white rice or pizza crust, and spiralized veggies for fettucine, isn’t that making them healthier? This extreme diet lifestyle is “expensive, exclusive and difficult to achieve,” but the author concludes that its disregard for truth and facts is what makes it dangerous.

The Secret Life of the City Banana

After college, on a visit to Amsterdam, the Heineken brewery tour was a highlight; it’s essentially a way early days VR experience where you stand in a room and are taken virtually through the bottling process, boxed up and put on a truck, delivered to the party and YOU are the beer. Reading this description of a banana’s excursion from boat to bodega is a similar experience. It’s awesome. Did you know bananas are slightly radioactive, and often set off the sensors in port? Or that a 1936 banana factory explosion in Pittsburgh created a yellow downpour throughout the city? So many banana facts.