Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 14, 2017

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 14, 2017

Team PlaceInvaders is spending the majority of July our separate ways, which if you know us at all, you know is a rare occurrence. Couples celebrating their 50th anniversaries may tie us for amount of time spent together, and couldn’t even come close on amount of time spent in a car together. So the shared Google doc where we compile each week’s TableTalk is one place this month where we hang out, virtually. Love you babe, hi from Oregon. Hi honey, yes the house is clean and I’m being productive today. Hope you enjoy this week’s version of our love notes--I mean, newsletter.

Why the hell hasn’t an NFL team signed Colin Kaepernick?

Kaepernick would be the starter on a number of teams, but not one of them has the guts to take on the xenophobic, blue lives matter masses that make up half of the NFL fan base. This may not be the NFL’s fault, but it certainly is America’s. Our position is an NFL boycott and a show of support by getting your favorite NBA team’s Jersey stitched with “KAEPERNICK” #7 in protest.

Hotel Money Is Funding Anti-Airbnb Sting Operations

I mean, obviously. Is anyone surprised by this?

Jack Antonoff on How to Write a Perfect Pop Song

The Song of the Summer of 2017 isn’t necessarily sealed yet, though Katie votes Despacito. Lena Dunham BF and creator of countless hits Jack Antonoff has a fun description (that he 100% must have voice dictated, no one writes like that) of how he develops the perfect pop song, for his bands Bleachers and fun, and for folks like Taylor Swift and Lorde. What’s your Song of the Summer vote? Here’s a playlist from one of our fave podcasts Still Processing, for inspo.

My aging parents smuggle medical marijuana

State’s rights vs. human rights. We all know which one is the way forward, but these archaic laws prevent septuagenarian beatniks from access to proper healthcare, all at the expense of society. Costs include police we don’t need, legal fees on both sides of the equation, for-profit prisons with quota laws in place, and stress incurred by ailing Americans by thinking they’re doing something immoral. The only thing at risk is a societal holdover from the McCarthy era. H/T Katie’s pot & goat-farming aunt for sharing this article.

Interesting facts about Bastille Day

Sometimes, there’s a need to free citizens who are held by a reckless, unchecked authority. As of now, we’re not sure if our president as relinquished control of Emmanuel Macron’s hand (BTW, IsTheHandshakeOverYet.com is still available). Here are a few curious tidbits about the historic day to enjoy while sipping an International Coffee from General Foods.