Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 21, 2017

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 21, 2017

Greetings Invaders! It’s our respective 20 year high school reunions this past and upcoming Saturday. That means: WE’RE OLD. But it’s you all that keep us young, folks. Wish us luck in answering the same three questions to everyone in our graduating classes. “So how do you findddd the spacesssss???” Now, this week’s TableTalk

At the scene of the slime, hagfish clean-up continues along U.S. 101

Has this nifty news item reached beyond the PNW? Because it’s been ALL OVER the papers in Portland, featuring great quotes from “dumbfounded” witnesses with “mouths agape.” Containers of an eel-ish fish (7,500 pounds!) spilled all over 200 feet of the 101, producing a massive amount of a slimy substance the fish secrete (up to 4 cups in one second!) as a defense mechanism. SICK. Dare you to look up the YouTube videos.

Smoking Marijuana While Black

When considering what makes up each of our individual levels of “privilege” we might mistakenly underestimate, because we can’t identify what it’s ever explicitly gotten us. For some, perhaps it's about what our demographics may have gotten us out of: being arrested. With African-Americans and Latinos being as likely to partake in marijuana as white folks, yet making up 85% of arrests for low-level offenses, there is clearly something askew.

Di Fara’s Williamsburg Pizza Outpost Will Channel the Iconic Original

Wow, people without a car or the wherewithal to subway themselves to Avenue J will now be able to enjoy the indisputable best of New York’s pizza. Wonder if it still will be!

What is Doughnut Economics?

The future of economics may not exactly lie in Austria; a holistic approach for an interplanetary species just seems more valid. Until energy is virtually free and matter is simply a process of breaking and recomposing atoms, it doesn’t make sense for capitalists to be hell-bent on progress and growth above all else. The TED talk on this page explains the ideas behind this world-as-an-ecosystem concept.

Avocado Toast Mortgage Calculator

So, how many Avocado Toasts does a Millennial have to give up to afford a home. That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind recently. Never fear; an enterprising fellow millennial made this handy-dandy HTML calculator to help you budget for the day where you’ll never have to say THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH again. It’s not perfect; it doesn’t really account for the time value of money. If you’d been investing your toast cash in cryptocurrency, you could have a Lambo by now.