Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 7, 2017

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 7, 2017

I mean, are you people actually working this week? Is this even a week? July 4 on a mid-week day basically cancels all the other days, right? So y’all got plenty of time to take a peek and this week’s TableTalk, to find out what we’ll be chatting about over our rosés and bags of chips at the beach this week.

What’ll It Be for the New York Diner?
This isn’t the first article on the sad saga of the decline in New York diners, and it won’t be the last, but you can’t beat the photos. Out of Katie’s two (former) local diners, one--the Waverly--is still going strong, and the other, University, is long gone, closed due to a rent hike in 2012. The diner experience is a true New York original, no Waffle House road trip stop can replicate it. As family-owned joints--restaurants, shops, and more--close to make way for Chase Banks and Verizon Wirelesses, and $6 coffees and $13 bottles of juice proliferate, New York more and more becomes only for the affluent (and people who go IN to a bank...who does that?). Long live the $7.95 patty melt, friends. For those of you lucky enough to live in New York, grab one this weekend before they’re all gone (or $17).

The clear economic advantages of tipping
We at PlaceInvaders don’t allow tipping at our events and we won’t change that, but this is an interesting point. The economic model of tipping creates a higher-quality service and improves work effort. It’s called the ‘principal-agent’ problem, and it’s discussed in this lengthy video - start at seven minutes in and watch until you can fully empathize with both restaurant owners and the people that never should have been waitstaff.

Don’t Feel Like A Millennial Or Gen X? You May Be An Xennial
Why women of 40 and 50 are the new 'ageless generation'

A week before both PlaceInvaders founders head to their 20-year high school reunions (in opposing Portlands: OR & ME), two self-interested (millennial!?) items that reflect on who we are, or are not, based on the year we arrived. While naming our micro-generation after the Oregon Trail game or Jordan Catalano suits us fine (Katie prefers the DeLiA*s generation), we may relate more to the idea of being a generationless “perennial.” Living a lifestyle that doesn’t necessarily mirror what is expected of folks our age is right about what you can expect to see from team PlaceInvaders for the foreseeable future...at least until another buzzword comes along to define us (and generate longtail lifestyle content clickbait).

Is A No-Meat World Really Better?
One of our favorite things when driving from coast to coast is seeing the happy cows. We were in the car with some friends when we pointed them out, and one asked, “how do know they are happy?” At the exact moment, a calf was bucking about, prancing around its mother. “That one is literally frolicking,” was the answer. You’ve seen the sad cows, lying on vast expanses of brown soil, nothing to eat until the next antibiotic-laced corn trough is filled. It seems to us that there are fewer reasons every day to eat meat. If you’re going to eat them, consider supporting  the farmers raising the happier ones.

Hot Dog Drone Added to Oscar Mayer’s “WienerFleet”
When we talk about where we would or wouldn’t like to live (occupational constant), and how remote a location we’d be ok with, Hagan always points out “Well, what about when there’s drones?” Mornings at our house get tense enough when someone uses the last of the half and half, and there’s a market (bodega!) basically next door. Somehow hot dogs doesn’t seem like the drone deliverable that’s going to sell us all on the format, but you gotta admit the wienerdrone is doggone adorable (sorry). ‘MERICA! 🚁🌭🇺🇸