Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // September 8, 2017

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // September 8, 2017

Back to school, y’all! While you’re unpacking your sweater and scarf collections from the vacuum-packed depths of your closets, and hoovering pumpkin spice whatevers this weekend, here are a few interesting topics that might be of interest to dissect over your faux fall tablescapes.

Something in the Waters

Alice Waters has a memoir out that sounds pretty fantastic. Yes, please tell us the stories of funding the opening of Chez Panisse--where dinner cost $3.95 to begin--with financing from drug dealers. And her take on how hopefulness can be derived by gathering friends together over food in times of political and societal stress. (Like, um...now?)

Oregon Wildfire Strands 150 Hikers as Father Recounts His Family’s Harrowing Escape: ‘Our Only Path Was on Fire’

An enormous forest fire is devastating one of the most beautiful places in the country. We love the Columbia River Gorge, one of us grew up going hiking out there and has loved sharing all of the great spots the other one. How tragic to think how different it will look when we next return. This is an unimaginable account from one of the hikers trapped overnight on Eagle Creek Trail by the fire.

Isiah Thomas on Loyalty

There’s no such thing as company loyalty; at least not from the companies’ perspectives. When Kevin Durant was lambasted in the media for going to the tech hub of the United States for less money (you didn’t know KD was a venture capitalist?), his ‘loyalty’ was questioned. We say, go get that money and that ring, Kev. No company is going to pay you as much as you’re worth. This, at the tip of the sword swinging over the heart of Danny Ainge, faced with paying a beloved, injured, aging point guard coming off an MVP-like season. Well, he got out of that one. IT, you were a great Celtic. You will be missed.

China bans ICOs, but what does that mean?

It’s a domino. People want to raise money in China that’s not the CNY; China wants to prevent that from happening. They want to be in control of everything that happens from a financial perspective within the borders of the country. They’re afraid of the demise of their government backed fiat currency. They should be. A tidal wave is coming, and there’s not enough time for these governments to get their propped-up paper to high ground.

Want the 411 on Irma? Look no furtha

This weatherman goes above and beyond to give you everything you need to know on hurricanes and tropical storm winds. Most thorough local newscast I’ve seen in my life. Good luck to folks in the Caribbean, and our friends in South Florida. Stay safe, y’all!