Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // January 12, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // January 12, 2018

Tonya Harding Would Like Her Apology Now

Yes, we know: it’s possible that we’ve reached peak Tonya. But her story just keeps getting more interesting with all the different perspectives. While one friend found this particular article elitist and mean-spirited, another loved the storytelling detail, like Tonya’s dual Wet n Wild lipstick shades (frosts! obv) and unicorn purple nails. Both have great points; we think 2018 is a great time to sit back, hear all the takes, consider all points of view, and forgo immediate judgement. Everyone spent too much of 2017 picking a side and relentlessly arguing it without mercy. Time is up on “WELL YOUR GRANDMA IS A RACIST, DAN” Facebook comments, y’all. Let’s agree it’s rarely possible to know all the sides of every story, and keep an open mind. 

New RoboBee flies, dives, swims, and explodes out the of water

Man, is Black Mirror a creepy show. We’re almost done with the new season, so decided to revisit a couple of our favorite past episodes (since one of us maybe falls asleep on the couch during anything lasting over 1 hour), and the one with the killer drone bees was top of the list disturbing. Oh, hey, totally not terrifying good news: those bees are real. Yay, Science. If you need us we’ll be switching out all our window panes and closing off every vent in our home to the outside.

Rand Paul said he’d filibuster this one

Hate to get all dystopic on you, but this shit is messed up, yo. When Ben Franklin said “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither…” he was addressing the government’s desire to levy an ad hoc tax to defend against Indian attacks. I’m guessing he wasn’t all about giving the government freedom to look at all of his mail for whatever reason they wanted, but maybe the guy who came up with the AR-15 vs. muzzleloader rifle meme wants to take a crack at another one in support of these jerks.

Dealing with disappointment

We’re our own worst critics. Every day, we wake up and have an agenda, things to accomplish, an exercise routine that we’d like to get out of the way, a commitment to eat right, not to drink too much, and for whatever reason, half of that stuff just flies out the window. Then what do you do? We’ve been beating ourselves up about it, but we’re not going to do that anymore. This might help us with that, could help you if you’re having a similar issue.

Dining as Nature Intended at O’Naturel

Eating a meal without the benefit one’s vision has been a thing for a while; it’s said that inhibiting one sense sharpens others. Eating a meal without one’s clothes is new to us, and we’re not sure what it would enhance, other than any pre-existing aversion to steaming hot soup. Try everything once, we suppose!