Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // January 5, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // January 5, 2018

Another Republican for big government

We get the argument on the other side that doesn’t think government should be mostly legislative actions signed by one president that can just be rescinded by the next. We’re not excited about the implications of this action of The Possum, and we expect some annoyed, white, septuagenarian, Oregonian federal judge to soon become the headline behind this backwards move, however anti-conservative this inch away from state’s rights and toward racism/prison for profit. 

The horror

Speaking of annoyed Oregonians, now they’re gonna have to pump their own gas. Come to think of it, there are probably a lot of people from NJ that might feel the same way (we want to hear your worst, fake outrage if a law was to be overturned in Jerz). Personally, we can’t stand when we are in one of these no-pump states. With the amount that we fill up, the waiting could be counted in days by now. But think of the jobs! Imagine if lobbyists for the butter churners of America once claimed all butter must be hand-churned! We’d be a nation of hand-churners. Thanks for the dumb, anti-consumer laws, individual states, and thanks for the link, Hagan’s mom!

Why am I so lazy?

There are probably a few of you who remember Suck.com, and the advice columns from Heather Havrilesky, but since that site stopped publishing in 2001, maybe not. Anyway, we totally identify with this submitter, and are excited to be (but a little fearful about) putting some of this advice to work for our lives. Also, go check out some of those Suck archives - they’re timeless.

The most anticipated Detroit restaurant openings of 2018

We are so lucky to be associated with three of the chefs on this list! If you were planning a trip to Detroit soon, wait! I mean, Detroit is super cold in the winter, plenty snowy, but fun to drive in (there’s less people on the road and you can just throw donuts on Woodward when you feel like it). We’re excited to be back in April. And in other awesome Detroit food news, our fav Detroit pizza is expanding - we’re gonna find out about becoming franchisees. 

Why believe Michael Wolff? Because, for now, this stuff is too good not to

Virginia Heffernan is an absolutely delightful writer, and there’s no way you’re getting through this weekend without talking about The Book, so you might as well enjoy her take on it, in her new LA Times column. If you are too young or not media nerdy enough to know much about Wolff, this is a great primer. Just try not to look up the definition of the word “zeugma,” we dare you. And for the love of god, someone please send us a copy.