Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // February 2, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // February 2, 2018

Fish are suffocating
When we ignore the balance of the planet's ecosystems, we’re doomed to accept the consequences. Ocean acidification and oxygen depletion are less popular than talking about a rise in temperature, but potentially more immediate in terms of global impact affecting our daily life. We think it might be AI, but this destroying our planet thing might our real great filter.

The Germans have a word for that
Here are a few words that really give you an idea of our weltanschauung at the moment. Just  FYI, that one was in our back pocket since it appeared on our word of the day calendar in high school. You might be feeling a bit of fuchsteufelswild about the bill that passed congress by a vote of 763,254 to Herb and is left unsigned on the desk of the POTUS. Any other interesting words you guys wanna share with us? We’re all eyes (unless you call us and leave a message, then we’d be ears).

I’m the Wife of a Former N.F.L. Player. Football Destroyed His Mind.

We know there’s a big game coming up, and we don’t mean to be a buzzkill; we’ll leave that to Justin Timberlake. But in between commercials, think for a moment about the costs to produce the spectacle, and what players and their family members might be giving up to entertain us.

Mapping the Journeys of Syria’s Artists

It’s difficult from where we sit in our flawed but safe country to imagine how it would feel to need to leave the country where we’re from to significantly improve our chance of survival. The telling of individual stories, like these of artists who’ve left Syria and where they’ve gone, give us a chance to experience some empathy that can be challenging to generate through stats, associated costs, and Facebook comment-based debate over immigration policies.

Self-Guided Wine Tour of the Willamette Valley

Although our loyalties now lie in the Santa Ynez Valley, we do love a wine region and definitely left part of our heart in the Willamette Valley. This is a great list of places to visit and wine to taste, including the lovely, friendly face of our pal Maria Stuart, who no visit to the Willamette Valley would be complete without. Mmmm, Oregon Pinot Noir.