Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // February 16, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // February 16, 2018

OK Invaders, we're in Hollywood this weekend about two long NYC city blocks from the sign. The views are amazing and we're getting our sun in. Maybe a bit too much. Last weekend, we went on a hike up Point Sal about 30 minutes from our place and forgot the sunscreen. Still feeling it today, but so thankful that we live in beautiful Southern California, able to enjoy this climate. I think we were in Chicago last weekend this year. We love Chicago, but we love it in the summer a lot more.  We're welcoming Invader Hagan's Mom to the area, she's going to be tag teaming on camp hosting duties for the next six months in Malibu, so we're going to be all up and down the coast this summer. Come visit us, Invaders!

Onto The Talk:

Mass shootings and male entitlement

We wonder a little about this... It's certainly worth looking at things like the toxic nature of the pick-up community and this idea about nice guys getting friend-zoned when asking why virtually no mass shootings are carried out by women. The biggest understatement of the article comes as the author says "If basically all mass shooters were women, I can assure you we’d be talking about that." We need to fix something, here.

We're all about creative job search strategies

This one is right up there with the weed smuggler want ad. We always say, you can always respond to an ad, but the best way to get a job somewhere is to pitch them on you being an integral part of the team. Our favorite line from this cover letter/ad/rap video/Clio award nominee is 

And every single synapse firin' up inside my brain
Will have you thinkin' that the copy Christ just done came

Images are nothing; videos are everything. Obey your curiosity. Click.

Infographics and Cryptography

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how much is an infographic worth? This one is a great visual demonstration of public-key cryptography told from the perspective of the androgynous IKEA furniture builder person. See if you like the rest of the Scandinavian-styled infographics by checking the index on that page, and if you're curious about the second picture, here's another rabbit hole to go down today - search algorithms visualized. Pretty trippy, dude.
Contracts of silence

The history of the non-disclosure agreement. We don’t like to sign them. We think it’s gross when accepting a multi-million dollar settlement for the high paid boss who groped you is dependent on one (but no one’s ever waved $1M check in our face). Interesting history and anecdotes of NDA’s including one on Facebook’s--yes the Facebook who makes you sign an NDA to even set foot in their office--hiring of a conflicted journalist who considers telling the of whole truth to be his primary professional pursuit.

Welcome to the Post-Text Future

This is a whole package from the Times’ technology team, so several min-stories. It’s kind of a confusing bundle, in that each story can be expanded, but they all live on one long scrolling page. The post-text future still has to figure out what to do with all its text and I don’t think this is really a step forward. Names the Alt-Right call the liberals, memes the elected president tweets,  women’s stories of harassment and where they’re being told more (it’s social media), Instagrams what people actually look like. All interesting, bite-size pieces of (text-based) content about the decline of narrative text.