Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // March 16, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // March 16, 2018

Terrifying news, Invaders: the drunkest of holidays falls on a Saturday this year. If you’re not a total animal, this is a lot of encouragement to stay in, lock the door, draw the shades. If you’re Irish (actually, or at heart), living in Hoboken, or under the age of 26 (actually, or at heart), then have at it. We’ll be bartending the Spring Dance at our local community center, and not afraid to cut off anyone who’s faux-Irishness has gone a wee bit too far. If you do stay in, in addition to chatting over the topics below, we recommend spending some time on this Insta, of ridiculousness spotted in real estate listings; here’s our fave.

Let's Talk.

The Pentagon refuses to investigate UFOs

We’re going to keep bringing this up here until you guys all accept we’re not alone in this universe. We know, really no way to adjust our daily lives as we learn that there are alien races (or maybe just AIs) out there, scouring the universe for resources (probably not so much intelligence). Maybe we ought to think for a second about not persecuting people because they’re different from us and instead focus on the Earth as a global community

School shootings are extraordinarily rare; why is the fear of them driving policy?

We can all agree that there’s an irrational fear of shark attacks, but somehow, even the tiniest risk of being eaten by a shark appears unacceptably high when you visit the beach. We encourage you to remember who's selling you this fear. “Rare events with high emotional valence often get coverage disproportionate to their likelihood, further magnifying our fears.” Whether it’s because of a school shooter or “terrorism” or the bomb cyclone, it’s all just selling your fear for a profit. Numbers matter; don’t forget the numbers. 

Industrial farming is one of the worst crimes in history

We’ve said it before, there are fewer and fewer reasons to eat meat. Eating it at the frequency and amount of the average American is unsustainable for the planet and is shown to be the leading cause of global warming. This well-researched, exceedingly logical argument against the primary method of farming in our nation concludes with a smart suggestion, rather than just lodging complaint. Let’s focus on technology that can improve the current egregious status quo. Please pass the Beyond Meat

This new Netflix show is our jam

We’d Invade any one of these crazy houses. Seriously, there are some amazingly creative spaces on this trailer. We haven’t watched the show yet, but it’s in our queue. The one thing we love to do when we’re in other people’s homes is take notes on the clever things that homeowners have come up with to handle spatial issues in their homes. Although this was more decorative than functional, we like the way the stacked firewood sets the outdoor area against the rolling hills (about 30 seconds in). Some really nice tracking shots in here, too. Surely going to be a Season 2. 

The Philadelphia 76ers are spoiled by their team chef

When you're a high-performing athlete, what you eat matters. It's hard to get 20 year olds to eat what they're supposed to, especially if they're doing enough physical activity to burn 8,000 calories per day. Philly's chef makes it easier onEspecially heartwarming is the part where the player from Pittsburgh who has notched his first triple-double is getting pierogies made for the team in his honor. Nice touch, Philly.