Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // March 2, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // March 2, 2018

Hola Invaders! The co-founders are currently tag teaming on a Google doc from one time zone apart… or are we? WTF is your problem, Arizona? Someone proposed that everyone should be on the same time. The nomenclature AM and PM would make way more sense if this was the case. Think about it: if you want to talk to someone at 7 PM, it’s 7 PM everywhere at that time. Afternoon is still… OK, that word doesn’t work so well, but you get it. Californians waking up at 6 AM would wake up at 2 AM, New Yorkers at 23… On second thought, no AM and PM, we’d totally kill 12 hour clocks - who cares, really? Just another way they’re trying to separate us as a world people! Resist the chrono-archy!

Onto The Talk...

Are You Driven By Dots?

Will this email’s arrival in your inbox bump up the figure in that little red circle in the corner of your inbox icon by a lot or a little? Are you like the half of PlaceInvaders whose number in that circle is approaching 50K, or are you a mail managing maniac and that number is only in the double digits, at most? Or perhaps you’re an Android user--the sender of the once losery, now sorta subversively cool green text bubbles--and living a non-dots-driven existence (they’re coming for you soon). Either way, here’s a piece to help consider how much your phone and it’s app developers tell you what to do and where to look, through notifications, alerts, weird “branded” sounds (that Etsy iPhone alert, man!), and other attention-grabbers meant to build shareholder wealth through the direction of your eyeballs.

Help fund research on Psilocybin

Psilocybin is the active agent in psychedelic mushrooms, and some preliminary studies have shown it to treat things like PTSD or depression. Here’s another one - we think you should consider supporting it; we have. Legalize psilocybin and cannabis and solve half of the health problems plaguing our society. Honestly though, Jeff Sessions,  big pharma,  the DEA, the war on drugs. This bought-and-paid-for rent-seeking institution kills a vastly greater number of Americans per year 99.99% of the sensationalist issues upon which the media suggests we direct our outrage. Unfortunately, these breakthroughs in science don't sell pharmaceutical ads. Ask your doctor if seeing this study’s results published anywhere is right for you. 

Vegetables bred for deliciousness

We just planted our garden this week. Most of the plants died the first night because of a late frost, but that’s not going to stop us… Have you ever seen the Chef’s Table with Dan Barber? It will make you want to go dig something up (or go eat at Blue Hill, but one of these options is financially within your reach everyday). If we could get our grubby little paws on these seeds in the next week, we’d (re)plant them shits, yo.

Let’s demilitarize the police

If you want to disarm the population, it’s an incongruent belief to demand that only some of the population is disarmed. We’ve forgotten in the last few weeks that police disproportionately kill minorities, there’s no national body for police oversight, and that about 10% of the (non-suicide) gun fatalities per year in our country are committed by police officers. Everyone wants to ban guns but they don’t seem to care (or maybe they don’t know) that a handful of state, local, and federal authorities have access to and use fully-automatic weapons. Fair gun legislation addresses all Americans equally.

They Got the Wrong Envelope!

An oral history of last year’s Academy Awards Best Picture fiasco, in preparation for this year’s ceremony on Sunday. On the one hand, this seems like a pretty silly mistake to flip out about; no lives were at stake, and the entertainment value of a sometimes pretty damn boring awards show was dialed up to 11. On the other hand, this is just a fun, funny read. Everyone knows that older guy who recently discovered some social media platform, and keeps using it when he should be doing his work, or paying attention in a meeting; the accounting guy who gave Beatty the wrong envelope was 100% that guy so ha.