Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // April 20, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // April 20, 2018

24 Hours in a New York Diner

A New York diner isn’t really like anywhere else in the world. This exercise should be a rite of passage for any aspiring New Yorker. You can move through the jam packed city for as long as you want and really not interact with anyone. But that’s no way to live, is it? And you’re wasting the chance to experience some of the most dynamic personalities in the world. The diner owner’s shrugged “Do what you want” response  is really the only one anyone has time for around here, and we love the classical music producer’s sick burn assessment of young people who have “attention spans of a wet bean."

13 myths American people believe

Here's a sentence from the article that we should all take to heart:

I never want to be relying on weaponized ignorance as a strategy, and there's something extremely important to note here: A single huge news event shouldn't be treated like a statistical trend.

So true, yet we're so far from this, and this is probably getting worse. Here's an animated graph that shows what we're talking about to some extent. The media is lying to you about what really matters, and just to TL:DR: mass shootings/school shootings are not an epidemic, rare, and getting rarer, sexual assault is perpetrated by females at a much higher rate than you believe, women don't want to work in STEM fields, body cameras on cops don't work, and neither does lobbying (but hey, let's spend 54% of that money you paid this week dropping bombs on poor people overseas).

The Electric Scooter War Is No Joke

When we got to the part about one “Uber-esque” company’s CEO, Travis VanderZanden, we knew for sure this was a Silicon Valley parody. That’s not real, right? Name ridicule aside, it’s always fun to watch the latest episode of startups vs. each other vs. the city, full of passive aggressive Medium posts, hashtag battles, and faux campaigns in the interest of the public good (but actually some corporate interest). On a recent trip to Phoenix we were confused by the fact that their dockless bikes programs (there are many) resulted in bikes randomly scattered all over the sidewalks. Yes, anything is better than individual people all commuting in their own individual cars. But this sort of mayhem isn’t a good look. Get it together, scooter tech bros.

Autonomous killing drones are coming and there's nothing you can do about it

So much for the bee episode in Black Mirror as the thing that eventually leads to the extinction of the human race (wait a sec... maybe that timeline isn't officially closed off), they're not really being subtle about it over in the military-industrial complex anymore. And we know it's just the market (if we don't do it first, they will), but do you think these guys ever feel the slightest twinge of guilt when their stock price goes up when the bombs start falling? Oh, and more good news for those guys, now China is going to help with our proxy war over that oil pipelineAssad didn't gas his own people to earn American ire last time (oh, you missed that news snippet? Hmm, wonder why...), why would you think they did it this time? America and its arms dealers are not the ethical, friendly global neighborhood police officers the nightly news wants you to believe they are. 

Flies Who Can't Get Laid Getting Drunk

Not too much to say about this one. If they’re not getting any action from the lady flies, dude flies are more likely to hit the booze. Science!