Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // April 6, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // April 6, 2018

So we're doing this sex and marriage thing all wrong
We're just now figuring out that hundreds of thousands of years of genetics can't be reconciled by religion. Whodathunkit? Think about all those bathhouses of Greek and Roman times with all the dudes just hanging out with their fluid sexuality, and then Christianity came in and ruined it for everyone. Maybe think about moving this agenda forward. When all cars are self-driving cars and we stop considering each other as a sexual possession, we're going to see a dramatic reduction in heart attacks.

NYC Street Festivals are a city-sanctioned oligopoly 
This link is literally one of the companies that runs the street festival racket in NYC. If a website looks like that in 2018 you know there is no competition in that industry. There are three more companies that share all the possible street festivals in NYC. NYC police presence is donated to these festivals, there's no cost to the festival "owners" for police. Granted, there are a few NYC businesses that sell their stuff, but for the most part, the vendors come from as far away as North Carolina (as witnessed by us - could be further) to hock sheets, grilled corn, fried shit, and nothing that has anything to do with New York. They take business away from local NYC businesses, there's literally no way to have a street festival unless you already had one, and rational legislation that would help fix all these problems was railroaded out by the oligopoly the last time it was brought up. Our recommendation; until there is significant representation from NYC businesses, use the sidewalk; buy from the brick and mortars. 

What it’s like to visit Puerto Rico 6 months after Hurricane Maria
The New York Times travel section also had a couple great stories on PR right now, and we’re itching to make a trip. We’ll meet you there in January, Lin-Manuel. Call us! It sounds like it’s the perfect time to visit, and no economy could use your tourism dollars more. We’ve got a line on a pretty sweet looking palace in Old San Juan, too. WDYT, y’all? A little PR Invasion would be muy bueno. ¿Si?

Speaking of Puerto Rico...
We may have told you about one of our (read: Hagan's) favorite podcasts; Congressional Dish. What people are experiencing on the ground and what the world is being told are two different things. What's really happening is a bipartisan effort by American senators (because they don't care about PR - no taxation, no representation) is putting the people who fund campaigns in charge of the rebuild, giving control of the energy grid to multinational corporations and not the people, with the focus on paying back a bunch of usurious loans that venture vultures made prior to the hurricane. Follow the money. Congressional Dish is a great place for getting the scoop on how the American government works. You will certainly be amused in learning how unabashedly it's run by corporate interests.

Scientists harvest 1st vegetables in Antarctic greenhouse
Well isn’t this a little slice of magic. Now future tourists to Mars will be able to enjoy a little hyper-locally grown lab salad. But how does it taste? And is it sustainable. Though we imagine those first consumer explorers may be able to afford some pretty pricey space veggies, and the novelty of something grown on the planet is pretty cool, too.