Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // April 13, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // April 13, 2018

The Backstory on Costco’s $1.50 Hot Dogs
Turns out quite noble intentions have driven the retailer’s decision to never increase the price of it’s franks since 1985. Upon interviewing 36 Costco employees, dredging the depths of Quora, and what appears to have been some deep Googling (journalism!), Business Insider finally determined that Costco execs just want to show it’s possible to run a business without charging the very top markup the market will bear. Nice to see that not every giant company is 100% driven by maximizing profits. Capitalism might not be the end of us all after all. Or at least not the end of our very cheap errands day lunch.

Brexit = fondue popularity increase?
More news from Somerville College (we did an event for some of their alumni last week)... More than a few stretches in thinking postulated here are to convince you this is the case. In periods of global instability, people eschew more Instagrammable dishes and comfort foods with origins in politically neutral countries. With words like gastropolitics and gastrodiplomacy, we are wont to believe this is just the next step in the bomb cyclone-ation of the food psychology world. 

Mariachis in LA Win Battle Against Rent Hikes
Warm, fuzzy tales on the topic of gentrification are pretty hard to come by, especially in neighborhoods of major cities. This story of the unionization against rent hikes in a Boyle Heights building conveniently located near Mariachi Plaza actually ends in triumph for the tenants, whose landlord agrees to rent control far beyond what the law requires.

Janelle Monáe for President
This is what we’re saying now for just about anyone who impresses us, right? Enjoy!

From Sandwich to Symphony
A composer-conductor collab in Philly aims to capture the cheesesteak through an orchestra. We spend a lot of time in various cities, and we make a big effort to seek out the tastes and food that make each place different. But, what are the noises specific to where you live? If you sent a tourist on a listening tour of your hometown, what would be the can’t miss sounds? New York would have subway screeches, Staten Island Ferry horns, peak Grand Central bustle, maybe a guy yelling about hot nuts? What does LA sound like, or Omaha? And how could someone create a musical performance about it?