Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // May 25, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // May 25, 2018

Remembering the CitiBike hysteria of years past

This cracks us up. While our favorite CitiBike story may still be when the Fat Jew led homeless SoulCycle classes on docked bikes, we also fondly recall the period right before the program kicked off, and how much hand-wringing there was. Gothamist’s got a comprehensive look at all the ways the by all intents very successful bikeshare program was going to potentially go awry.

A Son Speaks Out by Moses Farrow

What we know 100% to be true is it’s very sad how this family’s horrible history plays out so publicly. We know Connecticut police declined to prosecute Woody Allen for molesting his daughter Dylan. We know Mia Farrow did some seriously f*cked up things to her family and friends. We know it’s odd for a man to marry the daughter of his longtime partner. We know it’s gross to cast a teenager as the love interest of a middle-aged man. We know “Manhattan” is a flawed but gorgeous film. We prefer, in the absence having been there to see with our own eyes, to believe women. Who knows what happened in 1992. We know psychiatrists lie and friends are loyal. If we all just look away from this family’s blog posts, open letters, and tweets, will they have to find a way to deal with their history in a private, more effective way?

“MOAR PLASTIC” - McDonald’s

We shouldn’t be surprised McDonald’s shareholders declined to commit to phasing out plastic straws, but we can be disappointed. Plastic straws are incredibly stupid. We get so frustrated when we order a drink or simply enter a business and are allocated a straw. We know that even though we don’t use said straw, merely because it’s been placed before us, it will be thrown away. We recently guest-bartended at our local community center and hid all the plastic straws in a cabinet and refused them to everyone except the very most demanding. If you hate plastic straws and want to help eradicate them, Strawless Ocean is accepting proposals for mini-grants through June 11. Make us all a t-shirt that says NO STRAW PLEASE, for a start, we’ll wear it.

Laws don’t apply to militarized police

Tyler Harrell reportedly has “shown no remorse for what he did,” as one might not when defending themselves legally in their own home. With every conviction (and non-conviction) the divide between how local and state police vs. the citizenry is treated in our justice system widens. We’ve got people who have literally nothing to do with NFL protests making it about them, we’ve got police backup and tasers drawn and fired for parking infractions, but we still have no national body for police oversight. Seriously, America.

Just because it’s not happening in America doesn’t mean it’s not a problem

We’re working with worldwide HIV/AIDS charity (RED) on two upcoming event series and we felt compelled to bring this global issue to the forefront. We are reminded of this tweet; we stand by, not understanding the global impact of ignoring problems that are alleviated (but not solved - let’s be clear) by big pharma in the first world. It’s a big problem. It’s getting better, but we need your help to eradicate it for good.