Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // May 4, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // May 4, 2018

Pop-Up Dinners for and by HomelessDiscomfort Food Dinners
We don’t think there’s anything wrong with just going out and having a nice time at dinner: meeting new people, trying new foods, having adventures beyond sitting home with Netflix. But if there’s an opportunity to do more, we say why not? The idea of mixing paid and unpaid guests at a table has always been interesting to us; the more diversity at a table, the more likely diners are to encounter ideas or perspectives that vary broadly from their own. These are both awesome examples of a good time that really mean something. We’re actively looking for organizations to work with to tell stories about their causes through food and at our tables, to raise funds to help them in their important missions. Suggestions welcome!

This isn’t old news; it’s a pattern. We're the bad guys. Syria is fine. 
Before you get all up in arms about our headline, read this. War is about money and who is making it, not about an altruistic and ethereal “democracy” that the US demands be installed globally. We’ve been bothered by this notion that you’re un-American if you don’t “support our troops.” Unknowingly, anyone demanding that is demanding you swear allegiance to this nationalist, for-profit war machine taking $2,000 from every American every year, using it to line the pockets of defense contractors/technologists. We do not “support our troops,” if that means supporting ads for the military, spending taxpayer dollars on flyovers for any random football game, bombing citizens of countries we have no business being in, regime change with the end goal of profit for multinational corporations and the military-industrial complex. If it means that we support individuals who don’t have another option for education or advancement other than military service, we’re just sad that it’s come to that, and we know, that even not choosing military service ourselves (Hagan was rejected because he told the Navy recruiters that he smoked weed), we are complicit in this absolute farce and wish we could do more to eradicate it. 

Bowl Food is How We Eat Now
We are bowl/plate equal opportunists, though we do prefer the way a nice pair of white plates sets a table and can’t really imagine swapping in bowls. But we like this analysis of the upswing in bowl-based consumption, and how warm and fuzzy eating from a bowl can make us feel. It’s not just about getting the ‘Gram. y’all. For a minute we thought a Breakfast-in-a-bowl business might make for a fun PlaceInvaders spin-off, but never went for it (yet!). More bowls in 2018!

Make it a point to avoid single use plastics
This problem isn’t going away. Cleanup is going to cost trillions, but at least it’s starting. Maybe No one has any incentive to minimize their plastic use. Honestly, neither do we. It’s cheap, plentiful, the people that make the plastics only have to pay to get it to you; once it’s ended it’s useful life, they’re not on the hook for any disposal efforts if it’s going to be stuck in some landfill for thousands of years. Do your part, we’re going to try and do ours. By the way, listen to that Smashmouth song - stop consuming, start changing the world.

The $250K AAirpass
Fun history lesson on the unlimited flight pass American introduced, why they did it, who bought it (obvs a guy named Vroom) and what happened. The airline sold it to 38 total buyers to raise funds during a major slump. We got a laugh out of their negligence in not qualifying the passes when they sold them (lifetime! unlimited!) and their inevitable need to eventually boot a couple particularly outrageous customers off the plan.