Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 15, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 15, 2018

Cauliflower for President
We made a cauliflower pizza once… just once, though. We should try again, huh? We regularly get 2 or three cauliflowers at a time, chop them up, douse them in salt, pepper, some smoked paprika and olive oil and toss them in the oven - super easy to do and a great healthy snack, cold or hot. Put them, in your eggs in the morning with some garlic, next to some chicken, on a salad. You’re definitely going to need one of these. And yes, we’re a little bit part of the carb-free/gluten-free movement - we lost some weight doing keto last year. It also trimmed the bank account down some, so we’re experimenting with rice and the magic that is the Totino’s Party Pizza. Party Pizza for Vice-President.

Was privacy the fad for the last 100,000 years or…?
Interesting take on social media with the kids. Do an increasing number of your friends call them kiddos? Those are the people that use the word “hubby” as well. We digress - this is one of those situations where the included doesn’t understand the choices that are being made for them and has no “rights” to opt-out. When you make a choice to have a business over children, you get to post pictures of your tables - they can’t opt-out. Those flowers didn’t asked to be cut. Same thing, I guess.

Help stop gun violence in America
We don’t think people’s mugshots should be plastered all over the internet because they get arrested. Doesn’t that just make sense? The fact that a government is allowed to talk about anyone being simply accused of something should be a violation of your 4th amendment rights. When you’re brought out in handcuffs, that’s some great video right there. Everyone assumes guilt, and a not guilty verdict is all but unwatchable. There’s something wrong with this. If you don’t think that the media is complicit in encouraging the next mass shooting after watching that video, falling into confirmation bias or rejecting this idea for ad hominem reasoning could be skewing your thinking. If you don’t like that source, here’s an article from Psychology Todayhere’s one from Mother Joneshere’s a WIRED article with a not-for-profit attached to it, and there’s an entire book on the subject. If you want to be a part of the solution, stop watching, don’t share, don’t click, don’t comment, don’t like (not even with the angry face); the payments you make to these companies with your attention is your complicity in the next event.

Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Politics, and Millenials
We love these surveys where 71% of people think it’s OK to put pineapple on pizza. If that doesn’t keep you from clicking on this link, we have another for you. It’s the sandwich alignment chart. One of us is a radical sandwich anarchist, so that means the Protein Style In-N-Out burger they regularly order is a sandwich, but a pop tart seems more like a big ravioli (which is covered in the previous link where they talk about Uncrustables either being a sandwich or a ravioli). Other survey respondents that had our mind grapes pressed  were the 27.9% of people that bit their string cheese instead of peeling it and the 1.4% of people that don’t eat their pizza by either folding, not folding, or eating it with utensils. Plz go die now, thx.

Speaking of biases, we’re all racist
We took a test a few weeks ago that left us considering our feminism (you can find that here) and realize that we’ve been brought up with this forced narrativeof what’s good and bad. When you can reproduce this test and get the same results that they got in the 1940s the first time they did it, there’s a serious problem with our society. We’ve got this power structure in place that pretty much says whites are at the top and everyone else isn’t; why do you need the stars and bars when you got your Blue Lives Matter flag and MAGA hat? Did you know that over the last four years in America, zero Whites/Asians/Hispanics but over 80 Blacks have been killed while unarmed? Come on, America. Colin is right.