Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 8, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 8, 2018

The way to kill an animal you want to eat
We think that slaughtering animals at all is going to be gone for good in the next fifty years. It will be cheaper to grow actual meat in a lab near a city than it will be to farm and process from somewhere else. Did you know that the world’s insatiable demand for meat is worse for global warming than fossil fuels? Methane production added to the lost CO2 sucking forests cut down for grazing contributes more to this effect than the burning of fossil fuels. This video talks about the most humane way to eat a cow or a pig. It is required watching for anyone who eats meat. We love the warning: many animals were killed in the making of this video.

Rosé Mansion, Y'all
A couple of years ago we wrote a post on the PlaceInvaders blog pondering whether we’d reached “Peak Rosé.” We think we can safely say we had not. Is it now? Maybe. Who knows what the future holds (rosé planet?). Half of PlaceInvaders is attending a tasting of nine rosés in the home of a master sommelier today, as part of the planning for an upcoming private event called “Stop to Smell the Rosés,” so we’re sure not going to say it’s over. Don’t want to bite the hand that feeds us (more rosé). Plus, it’s delicious! Our friends are producing this creative New York event, we can’t wait to see and Instagram what they put together.

It’s time to talk about mental health
Suicide is a confusing thing. With two industry icons leaving us this week in deaths by suicide, we want to know you that we’ve both thought about suicide before, and it would surprise us if anyone said they hadn’t. This is an epidemic. This is something that harms a significant number of Americans and something that is worth fighting for. The FDA is sitting on a mountain of research from professional, vigilante scientists that say things like MDMA and psilocybin can be used to treat depression and PTSD with far greater efficacy than any drug available on the market. We are told by the other side with an ever-increasing fervor that we’re wrong; they’re right. We are force-fed advertising that demands we consume things; that these things will make our living our lives important. People are scared to share that they’re in pain, scared to break the taboo of not appearing at their best on social media platforms worldwide. There are steps to take to address these issues.

GIFs of homes being remodeled for the 21st Century
If you have any more of these laying around in a saved GIFs folder (if you pronounce it JIF, you’re a gerkoff) send them along. We could watch these all day. Have you guys watched the new Netflix show about the world’s coolest homes? I mean, that’s literally why we started this business. Looking at other people’s real estate is great, but designing and executing your own vision for real estate is a long-term goal of ours. If you have a Pinterest board or a folder that you want to share with us, we’re all eyeballs.  

Badass women doing something
So proud of my amazing, beautiful girlfriend for getting up here with these four women to talk about the work we’re doing on the EAT (RED) SAVE LIVES partnership! Katie said she was a bundle of nerves before the show started but you can’t tell on video. Love you, honey!