Hagan Blount

Top Ten Portland Farmers to Follow on Instagram

Hagan Blount
Top Ten Portland Farmers to Follow on Instagram

We’re not breaking any news here to say, when it comes to food porn, Farmers’ Markets are a hot bed for the spiciest eye candy. Rainbow displays of gorgeous carrotstomatoes, or berries, baskets on baskets of lettuces and herbs, even a simple pile of radishes; it’s a goddamn motherlode of Instagram gold.

So we find ourselves wondering why more farmers aren’t showing off their goods via Instagram? Many farms have a Facebook presence, many may shoot out a sporadic tweet, but when we sat down to list the best Portland farmers’ Instagrams, we didn’t find quite the bounty we expected. We know farmers gotta farm, and that kind of work, particularly during this season, is at best time-consuming. Who’s got the time to ‘gram?

We dug deep into the farmers' markets of Portland to find the most succulent accounts for you to sink your teeth into. Below are a few folks who are doing it right:


The pair of charming farmers who run WHF has built a community of fellow farmer followers, generating hashtag-based commiserations over infestations, long hours, and crop loss, buffered by happy snaps of billowy leafy greens and adorable farm pets, like Gloucester the cat or Rosie, a very large, lovely sow.


A family operation, selling produce, wines, olive oils, plants and herbs, and much more, Red Ridge Farms also hosts regular dinners, so there’s plenty of prepared dishes and tableware shots to inspire your own dinner partying exploits.


A Tualatin-based family farm, with a farmstand that’s open daily where you can sample jamstaste fudge, and perhaps meet the local goats. Follow for well-merchandised treats and staff glamour shots.

Carrots at Shemanski Market; photo credit:  @adenoble

Carrots at Shemanski Market; photo credit: @adenoble


Best known as butchers and purveyors of wild game like elk, rabbit and quail, Nicky also runs a farm complete with fruits and vegetables, bees, goats and cows, Nicky’s customer list reads like the Oregonian’s annual restaurant guide, so follow for tons of food porn from local chefs, too.


While not technically a farm from the real estate perspective, Bee Local Honey tends to bees on rooftops and farms across the region. They also aggregate the sweet stuff from likeminded beekeepers who champion their sustainable practices. Follow for creative bee-shaking time lapses, and to find out in which unexpected spots around town a hive or two mightbee stashed (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves).


Our friends Jeff and Ginaforage and grow some interesting groceries. A stop in their Tigard warehouse for a simple candy cap mushroom transaction had us tasting sea beans, black truffle balsamic and a rainbow of huckleberries. Follow them to be in the know on greens and fungi freshly pulled from the ground.


Managed by the Laney Family Farms
family, this account represents a network of farmers and purveyors in Oregon, who supply chefs, specialty stores and restaurants with locally grown treats. Expect a bounty of bovines in this cow-heavy feed, among shouts to local chefs and restaurants and a strong tractor game.

Tomatoes at the Portland Farmers' Marker; photo credit: @wrenchocolate


Heritage animals and antique fruit! Aside from a description straight out of Portlandia, or more relevantly, PNW Barbie, these guys are killing it on Insta. Tomato glamour shots and action snaps of their four-legged farm friends abound.


An urban farm, with a wandering secret supper series to showcase their wares, Stacey Givens’ Side Yard Farm serves up snaps of yummy catered treats , alongside shouts to fellow farmers and industry folks who stop by.


Beautiful documentation of a 200 year old, 180 acre homestead, cattle ranch and farm in the Columbia River Gorge. An entirely self-sufficient operation, these farmers are also preservation whizzes, with canning shots aplenty as they make their harvest last the year.

Stay tuned for more of the best farmers' market Instagrammers in our other cities! Looking forward to Invading with you soon!