Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 29, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 29, 2018

Dinner with the Fab Five

There aren’t a lot of people who aren’t talking about Queer Eye right now. It’s such a perfect show for this moment in our world. It just feels great to watch it. This not at all short transcription of the Fab5’s own table talk has something for everyone: shiplap, ear waxing, 90’s Bowflex ads, pillow-humping, arguments about the Colorado homophobic baker. It’s also exactly as spicy as you want it to be. You and the members of your group texts about the show are welcome.  

LeBron to LA? We’re one step closer

This year, the half of PlaceInvaders that loves the Celtics went to back-to-back nights at the Staples Center and sat in the 100s. The Lakers game was magical. The atmosphere, the majesty, the ambiance… Perfect. The Clippers game, however, was another story. Just another basketball game. It’s because of the lighting - it focuses the attention of the fans on basketball. It’s at least some of the reason why LeBron might switch teams yet again, but it looks like the driving force may be the filming of Space Jam 2.  

The Death and Life of a Hedge Fund Mansion

A bit of psychologizing of what drives wealthy finance folks to build mega-mansions in neighborhoods like the West Village. We agree that turning six family homes into an oligarch’s family home who lives in it two weeks a year is hard on a neighborhood whose local businesses and very culture rely on human occupancy. Should any of said multi-millionaires be interested in giving back, and you know where they keep their keys and travel calendars, y’all know who to call.

How Scent Is Set To Revolutionize The Customer Experience

The neglected sense, smell, is having a moment. How come as kids we don’t get nearly as much education about honing our sense of smell? Perhaps the most tied up with memory, and linked to feelings of nostalgia, smell is super powerful considering how much it’s discussed. Wine people think a lot about how smell impacts our experience of their product. Some hoteliers give a lot of thought to the scents in their lobbies, and the connection it creates. We hosted a dinner last week with Wines of Provence, conveying the feeling of being in Provence through smell. For better or worse, a locale’s scent is more singular to that place than anywhere. A forest in Big Sur or a hot afternoon in Chinatown are two prime examples. What are you smelling on your summer vacations?

We’ve been trying to overthrow Venezuela for the last three decades

Did you also know that the largest volume of petroleum reserves in the world is underneath Venezuela? Did you know that OPEC intentionally tanking oil prices in 2015 could have stemmed from a request from the US government for help with issues in Venezuela and Russia? Did you know that voting for more capitalist warmongers is just going to get us more warmongering and regime change that lines the pockets of international businessmen? Did you know that since the news you consume every day is beholden to these special interests that you will never see these important issues reported on? Instead, you get news that affects .000001% of the US population and doesn’t impact the sale of weapons, pharmaceuticals, and oil because why would they report on something that was contrary to advertiser’s interests?