Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 13, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 13, 2018

What the heck is wrong with people?

The Guinness Book of World Records has got to be filled with people battling some kind of mental issue. What would it take for a you to grow the fingernails on your non-dominant hand to just about a foot longer than you are tall? For 66 years. For no discernable benefit. Just want to know what kind of life this person had growing up as a kid to know what was in his head. Maybe his hand was already jacked up and he was like, “...” Honestly, we can’t even fathom a hypothetical for this situation. Suggestions welcome. 


What State Does Eater Call “hands down the best place to eat in America?”

Hint: the one we live in. The Cali package is live on Eater, and it’s jammed with solid examples of why west coast eats are so right now. The Central Coast bit focuses on some interesting examples, with a strong tendency toward old dude leaning, but we can dig it. If a Central Coast tourism article fell in the woods and no one was there to hear it, would it mention Sideways? We imagine so. Which is great for our latest marketing endeavor!


Feminism, Man.

A family member recently asked us why those fighting for women’s reproductive rights weren’t as effective as the gun rights lobby. It’s a questions that’s stuck with us, but luckily(?) these are active topics nowadays, so no lack of new perspectives on the matters. This panel is a testament to just how many fronts the battle of feminism is being fought on. Three out of four panelists DO NOT STOP bringing the smarts. If you’re inclined to spend the 1.25 hours on it, which is it worth many times over, you’ll see what we mean. Feminism right now is a big, messy, dynamic, IMPORTANT  work in progress. Be part of it, whoever you are.

Seven Minutes of Dancing Scenes From Movies

You need this, we promise. Watch it twice. If there’s a happier montage, we haven’t found it.


A pro-life stance is 100% BS revisionism

Oh, we on that SCJ shit again. You know, since someone wants to say a blastocyst is a person and wants to make someone else have unwanted children for why now? We’re not saying we don’t fall into the trap of being hypocrites once in a while, but Jesus wasn’t a Libertarian. We just want to clear something up about that finance thing with Justice Kennedy’s son, but the last Kennedy possibly negotiated his replacement. Is there anything wrong with this? It’s all part of this game to invade women’s uteruses (uterae?) and make sure that spawn (consumes a fuck ton of baby formula and) accepts JC as their personal lord and savior before entering the kingdom of heaven.