Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 10, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 10, 2018

That Trader Joe’s in Silverlake
A just astounding account of the recent TJ’s hostage situation, with specific details from the woman who seemingly held it all together and saved a lot of lives that day. Would we be so reasonable, compassionate, and useful in the face of such a scenario? And more importantly, who is making this into a movie? It’s impossible to read this without casting it in your head. Maybe Meryl Streep for MaryLinda Moss? Or if it’s made for TV, definitely Judith Light. 

Culinary Deaths Come in Threes
Sad news again this week in the restaurant world, with the death of Joël Robuchon. In case anyone doubted whether the food community could also write, they’ve given us plenty of evidence, with the poetic tributes coming out on the regular, first for Bourdain, then Jonathan Gold, and now Robuchon, the highest Michelin star-earning chef. We’re the beneficiaries of their close relationships and ability to inspire one another, not just when we eat, but also when we read. We’re picking up what you’re putting down, y’all. 

Food by Foot on Staten Island
One of our favorite activities is a walking food tour. If you take the effort to walk all the way, for instance, from Roll-N-Roaster in Sheepshead Bay to Clover Club in Carroll Gardens, it’s totally reasonable to eat several entire meals along the way. You basically have to, you earned every calorie. We’ve even considered opening up some kind of food tour operation, and while we’ve taken a few friends on ad hoc versions in places like Flushing and Brighton Beach (most notably, a one Gael Greene), we never found ourselves with enough spare time and cash to do it. It looks like someone else picked up the ball we dropped, and they’ve got a pretty great sounding walk for anyone brave enough to venture out from the St. George Terminal.

The NBA just released its 2018-19 schedule
A few weeks ago after the Marcus Smart signing, half of PlaceInvaders told the other half that there was no more Celtics news to consider before the beginning of the season. We are probably going to be boycotting the NFL again and will definitely be seeing more than a few Celtics games this year. The NBA is on the way up, the NFL is not; here’s proof. Speaking of proof, did y’all listen to this episode of Revisionist History? We’re not going to let our loved ones play football.

On why this whole Russia probe is a complete sham
So there are people the people that did some illegal stuff but it’s stuff that’s legal as long as you’re registered to do it. Why wouldn’t you figure out a way to legalize corruption? We’re number one at legalized corruption; maybe that’s what those Keep America Great hats are all about. If you guys aren’t getting your news from Jennifer Briney, you aren’t informed. We’re going to tell you again and again until you’re all subscribed and contributing. AIPAC has the best ROI of just about any lobbying activity out there. The US pays $4B per year to support genocide! Remember this when they play the Pee Pee Tapes and you start typing that Facebook post telling all your conservative friends you told them so.