Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 17, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 17, 2018

Bribes and Backdoor Deals
Some sinister forces at work, here: meddling, collusion, and mafia-like tactics all in effort to influence the way Americans… drink rosé? Victoria James, perhaps THE rosé authorité of Instagram, shares an insider look at how the astronomical rise in the popularity of drinking pink has led to sneaky distributor strategies and the mass production of salmon-hued swill.

Millennials Maligning Mayo
An oldster on the Internet claims that due to shifting preferences and flourishing ethnic condiment alternatives, mayonnaise’ days are numbered. While the evidence seems real anecdotal, we do enjoy the cultural food history and delightfully awful puns (schmear campaign!) utilized to make the writer’s case. Did you know Mr. & Mrs. Hellmann narrowly avoided an ill-fated cruise on the Titanic? Imagine the decades of dry sandwiches we’d have endured.

This weekend is as good a time as any to let an extremely gifted music journalist to put into words just how significant and singular Aretha Franklin was. This A1 New York Times story is your chance. Many people have a hard time describing music, expressing how it makes us feel or what makes a song unique. Times culture critic and excellent podcaster Wesley Morris is not those people. “You could bake a pie in the pause between ‘nobody’ and ‘always,’” he says, for perfect example.

You’re not going to get change
You’re going to get more big companies controlling the political engine of America, unless this idea that people not taking money from PACs and corporate interests hits a nerve. Even then, once you get in, there’s a grueling schedule of dialing for dollars your candidate will also have to either endure or swear off if they do make it to congress. The money is the problem. Follow the money, the answer is always at the end of the money road. Like we said last week - AIPAC already landed $4B a year from the US on a BIPARTISAN agreement - Russia just wants their assets unfrozen.

Beautifying Brooklyn’s Bodegas
Small New York shops in gentrifying neighborhoods can now apply to get financing and advice on how to make their storefronts more aesthetically pleasing, in hopes of warding off the Chase Bank or Starbucks takeovers so many neighborhood businesses have already suffered. Please don’t tell us they’re going to have to get rid of their cats?