Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 24, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 24, 2018

How you likin’ this weather we’re havin’?
It’s cooled off a bit where we are, but we had a real stretch of unbearable heat in NYC there at our last event series. Of maybe it was the humidity? I guess, in our heart of hearts, we know it’s not the heat… Leave it to Europe to figure this out. American cities are a bit grimy as it stands. We are excited about what the cities of the future are going to look like, and the NYC subway will get the platform AC thing figured out at some point in time, but while you’re above ground, these ideas seem like common sense (which, in our heart of hearts, we know is not all that common).

Birkenstocks: A Fairy Tale
As business owners, we seek out stories of other companies’ growth, decline, shortcomings, and successes. An influential fashion reporter and an illustrious fashion photographer venture to Germany to investigate and document the unlikely resurgence of the ugly, hippie boat-like sandal. Are some ideas or designs destined to succeed, no matter how screwed up the family is at the helm? When opportunities arise that a business could never have anticipated or pursued, do they change or stay the course? A lovely little tale with great photography, either way, and our feet are happy for the chance at comfort with a smidgen of stylishness.

File this one in your “no shit” folder. The military-industrial complex couldn’t wait to sell billions of dollars of equipment to American police, could they? Now we’re all paying for military overspend for mine resistant trucks cities don’t want. We’re boycotting the NFL again this year, much to the chagrin of our (read: Hagan’s personal) investment in fantasy football, and I think we should all take a knee to protest what we always knew - dudes in helmets with machine guns in armored trucks don’t make anyone who’s paying attention feel safe in this country.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, but I tell ya, this capitalism thing... 
We were thinking a few days ago why clothes with paint, stains, and holes in them weren’t the new fashion trend. They should be the only fashion trend. Buy an electric car, go vegan, go solar, only use renewable, biodegradable disposables, buy local, teardown that kitchen for an open concept and snatch up those new Yeezys as fast as the Chinese can move them off the line. We used to be this way, and we’re not perfect, but we’ve started creatively using what we can find around the house to do our projects and haven’t bought shoes in a while, but history will prove us (at this point in our lives) completely environmentally ignorant people. You can only do so much.

OK, now we’re getting somewhere
You know, it feels like it’s heating up, but if you think anything is going to happen before the second week in November, we have 99 senators we want to sell you. We got this coffee cup from Goodwill; it says “Tease me, Squeeze me, Please me,” and it literally has a comma after the last word, like there’s something else after “Please me.” In this Mueller Investigation, there’s been a lotta teasin’, seen a lotta squeezin’, still no pleasin’.