Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // September 7, 2018

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // September 7, 2018

Eater's Most Anticipated Restaurants of the Fall

Keeping an eye on what’s coming up in the cities we frequently Invade is less about figuring out where we’re going to eat on our next visit, and more about seeing who we should start hounding for a collaboration. See, we’re all about helping ourselves help YOU, Invaders. Some exciting openings upcoming in many of our favorite towns, with a big feature on our friend Mei Lin’s upcoming Nightshade, which we were lucky to preview during our (RED) dinners in June. What chefs are you most excited about, folks?

The Anonymous Op-Ed

What are the odds we find out who wrote it? Are the Times’s team of investigative reporters on the case? It’s their job to try to find out, isn’t it? Perhaps from a source right in their own building. Was publishing/writing it gutless, ass-covering, propaganda, trolling, or even news? Sometimes it’s fun to see the inner workings of journalism, and sometimes you’re just a little proud when old media’s found a way to keep themselves hot and spicy. We feel like the real writer’s gotta please stand up soon, but who knows the next big superscandal could show up tomorrow and we’ll forget to even keep asking. 



Yeah, remember the 60s when all the people were like “Hey, war is bad and we should consider what we are doing to the earth before we totally destroy it.” Are we back there yet? We had a conversation about how to talk with people who have different opinions on politically-charged issues, and one of us said we’ll never get anywhere is we don’t listen to the other side and the other said that  backwards, regressive ideas that hurt people need to be bullied out of existence. Which brings us to the question, should climate-change denial be a hate crime? 

I’m thinkin’ about startin’ a corporation

Here’s a little Jack White video that not very subtly addresses what’s happening with business today. Multinationals will quickly tout the fact that they’re publicly-owned and working for the good of humanity. This all works if you imagine that shareholders=humanity. We recently learned that companies don’t really care about their employees with all the tax breaks that went to stock buybacks instead of employee wages. Sometimes, seven minutes of murder is a fun break in the day. 

The most fun you can have in NYC on Labor Day Weekend

Is obviously the West Indian Day Parade. We missed it once again after our first foray where we made the parade and the US Open on the same day. People are friendly, they’re selling frozen alcohol drinks on the streets, the fried chicken is made by someone’s grandma, and I guarantee you will never see a costume better engineered to withstand violent stresses as you watch some of these women dance down the street. It’s mesmerizing.