Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // May 3, 2019

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // May 3, 2019

Tech Billionaires and Homelessness
San Francisco is a beautiful yet frustrating place. How could you be a billionaire there and NOT give excessive donations to fighting homelessness? We’ve been a lot of places and can’t think of one where the divide in wealth is so palpable. The homelessness epidemic is one of a long (growing) list of things that Americans should be wildly, and personally, ashamed of. Additional recommended reading for those interested in tales of just 1% of the 1% behaving well, this story of a retired gentleman in an affluent Oakland suburb who invited a homeless couple to share his $4M home and how his neighbors predictably reacted.

Sam Bee is a Treasure
This is hilarious. Not much to say, just watch. ‘Talk fave feminist author Rebecca Traister’s cute cameo, alongside Katie Couric in a sleeping bag.

Guacamole Cheese
Irish Nachos, the Dorito Taco, The Cronut, and now, Guac cheese is here for your food mash-up curiosity. All those memes that start with “Nobody:” pretty much end with guacamole cheese; you can look at the picture and see that and what problems this actually solves (we can’t think of one). It’s not a guac substitute. It’s gouda, so it’s not gonna melt like cheddar and be amazing on your nachos. What problems does this cheese actually solve? Please tell us - we won’t be first-movers on this opportunity. We’re still waiting for the Fawaffle to catch on. 

How to Argue
Part of good conversation is disagreement. You have to be willing to find out that you’re wrong about things. We hope that when addressing the day-to-day stuff, most of the time you’re not, but when it comes to the more complicated issues, there’s always a few different perspectives from which to see. ½ of PlaceInvaders took the LSAT and was frustrated in learning that the logic puzzles were pretty difficult for him. In studying logical fallacies, he’s gotten better, but he’s still got a ways to go in understanding how harmonious disagreement works. That’s a thing, right? It’s actually a book about an evangelical Christian going to China the 1500s - not exactly what we’re talking about. Maybe there’s a better term...

”Bone Broth” and fad diets
½ of PlaceInvaders mom got him into eating sauerkraut once a day for probiotics. We’ve made two crocks of sauerkraut and we’re 2-for-2. This is our go-to recipe, although we used red-cabbage for the first two times, this time we switched to green because our garden cabbage isn’t ready and we’re out. Yesterday, he was finishing a deli of the sauerkraut and went to wash the container, but there was no reason to use soap to clean it. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that this probiotic “superfood” is a relatively “clean” food, but we wonder about the health benefits touted in every new box or bag at Whole Foods. We’re all about extending our lives, and we try to eat right/healthy when we can, but that MCT oil might be made from snakes. Be warned, this is a long article and a tough one to read if you think you’re “eating right.”