Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // May 17, 2019

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // May 17, 2019

This is why we can't have nice trains

“GM, Firestone, Standard Oil started buying up all the streetcar systems and phasing out service...” This is capitalism at work. I mean, smart move and all, lobbying for a national highway system. People don’t like playing monopoly with ½ of PlaceInvaders because that is the type of move he’d pull if it was allowed. When are we getting high speed rail? Maybe no time soon in CA. Our country would be much nicer and more accessible if we took some highways miles and converted them to rails.

PlaceInvaders Stepdad Walking Across America

William wanted to do the Appalachian Trail last year and pitched us meeting him on the way for a few weeks. With a bit more research, he found the trail wasn’t so well kept and there were long stretches without the possibility of re-upping on supplies. We’re going to meet him on the road a week out from Los Alamos and join him for the final leg of his trip. Since almost 50% of homeless people in America have had a traumatic head injury, a significant subset of that is veterans. The way they treat veterans in this country kind of reminds us of the Black Mirror episode with The Roach. We can fix this. Visit vetsdontforgetvets.com to help.

Avocado Art...Only in LA?

A friend of ours created a cool public art work entirely out of aged avocado pits as a commentary on the political nature of food. The food we eat has so many important implications, it’s absolutely worth thinking deeply about how what we choose to consume affects our health, our planet, and all of the people who are part of the logistical process of our acquisition (and disposal!) of it. We will sadly miss the chance to see it, but if you are in LA, go check it out and post an Insta, at the pop-up gallery where it is displayed.

Biodiversity in Decline

Nothing short of revolution will save our planet from certain destruction. People with a vision for 2050 or 2040 are shooting us in the foot head with their bad, half-assed ideas. We need to stop poisoning our planet. We need to stop desecrating the oceans. We need something out there to enforce standards of sustainability. This is the boring news again. The stuff that doesn’t sell ads quite as well as a school shooting or a Trump tweet. The big picture, structural problem. The slow-moving giant; the invisible killer. It’s fly time in Los Alamos. When the first crop of food has been cut from the field and the waste is left to rot, it’s fly time. Not many other insects in our area, though. We need a massive change; a green new deal. It’s gotta be bold and uncompromising. It can’t be centrist. Of course, we couldn’t get this to happen, but if this was Princess Mononoke, the pact would be signed by all species.

The Last Five Glamour Shots in America

In the 90’s, all the cool (rich) kids got Glamour Shots. Gen X and older millennials will remember those dolled up, soft focus, boa and bangs-heavy portraits, and the before/after shot-filled mall storefronts where one acquired them. Apparently a few of these live on, and the NY Times is on it. For further reading on adventures in young person photography, we also enjoyed this adjacent article on the very dramatic school pictures industry.