Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // May 31, 2019

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // May 31, 2019

What to do in Bend, Oregon

We have family in Bend and definitely don’t visit enough. Half of us will be passing through in a few days, and will likely hit a few of these spots, if he has time outside of our uncle’s epic tour of his extremely prolific collection of mid-renovation classic cars, vans, and buses. You can’t put a bird on anything in Portland, Oregon without hearing that someone wants/plans to move to Bend. Go check it out before it turns into Portland East.

Snoozers are losers 

How many ex-girlfriends/boyfriends have you had who would hit the snooze button more than once? Seriously the worst. Just wake up and let us sleep already. Here we have scientific proof that we’ve all told that ex-special someone, “it’s better if you just wake up instead of being half asleep for 30 minutes.” The rooster ain’t gonna stop crowing n’ those cows ain’t gonna milk themselves. Time to make the doughnuts, people. No more snooze button. If your partner hits it more than once, send them this article and bring a spray bottle to bed tonight.

Bobby Flay & the right way to cook a burger

Spreading some underground dinner party love around, (because you know we’re down with OPP - Other People’s Pop-ups) this is the first foray into video for Spring Street Social Society’s Patrick Janelle. THIS is how you cook a burger, and if you needed any confirmation, here’s a clearer explanation. Notice Chef Flay scoops the brioche. You know he’s right. You’ve looked at a brioche or pretzel bun and just wondered about using half of the bun to go along with your burger before. And Bobby is sorry-not-sorry about cooking his burgers on a flattop; juicier burger, more uniform crust, all-around better burger experience. Bobby telling like it is, Patrick not getting in the way of the greatness (save for a not-so-subtle app plug in the middle of the video). Looking forward to more from this series.

On religion and drugs

Sometimes you encounter a piece of writing that reminds you that the stringing together of words can truly be art. This Jia Tolentino essay in the New Yorker, creating parallels between religion, rap music, and recreational drug use, is a perfect example. Having just finished reading it, we’re feeling comparatively insecure about our own word-stringing abilities, so we suggest you just click the link, take a little time to read slowly, and see what the fuss is about. 

A flying Judy Garland singalong

Airline-related fun is...taking off. (hehe) We stayed at the TWA Hotel during its first week and had a great time enjoying cocktails on “Connie” the retro airplane-turned-cocktail-bar. Our friends' newly re-launched Rosé Mansion starts with a fabulous retro airline lounge experience. And now, to celebrate gay pride month, Virgin Airlines is offering trips on an all LGBTQ-staffed flight with drag queens and a DJ. Will any other actual airlines catch up, and start having a little fun, or are they too focused on making us check our carry ons even though the bins are only like half full, jeez.