Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 7, 2019

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 7, 2019

Hilariously Embarrassing Plastic Bags to Discourage Plastic Bags

Sometimes inspiring the right kind of behavior modification is best achieved through shame. Not exactly the social credit score kind of shaming, but a kind of shaming with a mindset shift inherent in the way the person is shamed. We would love to see more folks embracing stained clothing, because it’s silly to toss something just because it’s gotten used a little bit. How would you effectively shame anyone into being more ecologically conscious in this manner? The “fur is murder” crowd really did a number on the fur trend with ketchup. We’ve found that Shout isn’t going to work on anything that comes in contact with turmeric or chili oil. Might be fun to carry a squirtgun around with that mixture and unwillingly Sneetch the fast-fashionistas you come across and see what kind of rap sheet you rack up. Apparently milkshakes also work. Maybe eggs.

This Dating App is Opening a Wine Bar

We love this brand extension. Bumble is a smart company; if its users want to meet up in the real world, why wouldn’t they want to take a shot at getting a cut of the money they’re spending. We’re not exactly sure what “date-friendly food” is, though after a few times serving chef Igor’s squid ink paella--though absolutely delicious--we’re pretty certain it isn’t that. Hot tip, Bumblers and daters everywhere. Hey, anybody have friends at Bumble they think we should meet? We see eye-to-eye on the idea of making online connections more powerful by taking them to a dinner table. No shade on another New York all day cafe, but our spin has just a little bit better real estate.

Is Our Love of Travel Killing the Planet?

Taking an airplane trip is one of the worst things an individual can do for the earth’s health. A cruise is worse. We want to see the Galapagos before tourism has entirely decimated them, but will our doing so speed the process? This article gets depressingly specific on the metrics of how our travel choices impact things like Arctic Sea ice and even the survival of arbitrary, unknown future humans. Jets and cruise ships are particularly bad. It appears jamming as many friends as you can into a Prius and spending our hotel upgrade and entertainment dollars on carbon offsets may be our best bet for an eco-responsible summer vacay. But often it seems like we have to fly or drive and at least we should be aware of the number of strangers’ or polar bears’ afternoons we will ruin in doing so.

Sandwiches Across the Globe

Sandwich bucket list! We’ve only had about ⅓ of these sandwiches and not necessarily in the countries they hail from, but we encouraged one of our friend’s kids to go get a Katsu Sando (and they’re in Seattle so they should end up trying a good one). We tried to move away from eating meat earlier in the year and failed (more hypocrisy!), but we’re going to try again soon, maybe saving some of these list items for once(-or-twice)-in-a-lifetime indiscretions.

The Gun Owner Who Lost His Son to Guns

One arguable benefit of being in New York over Los Alamos is the broad availability of print media. Our lofty weekly goal of getting through the whole Sunday Times before the next one is published means we actually find ourselves reading content selected by no algorithm other than the humans on the editorial board. As followers of the gun control debate, we’re not sure this story of one man’s quest to learn more about gun ownership after losing his son to gun violence wouldn’t have crossed our filter bubble, but it’s a useful op-ed to read that shows one person’s experience navigating the many different sides and grey areas there are to this complicated topic.