Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 21, 2019

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // June 21, 2019


Spending the last two months in New York, we witnessed a lot of what seems like a new rude phenomenon. People watch shows and listen to music on their phones, at top volume, without the courtesy of an earbud/airpod situation. We recently saw a friend’s tweet that it’s not just happening here, they experienced it in Paris, as well. Bah oui. It's super annoying, but we love this video capture of the (probably only) time it wasn’t.

Telling Abortion Stories

We are so proud to be friends with an amazing woman who spearheaded the effort to collect 300+ CEO signatures on an open letter against abortion bans. Trust women to make decisions. (Or at least recognize that failing to do so may be economically detrimental.) A front page story from last week’s Times did a good, though partial, job of explaining some of the nuances of the topic. What we believe is that personal of when women were given the autonomy to decide that abortion was their best choice, despite how private they are to share publicly, are likely more useful than black and white for/against arguments. The left: “the right wants the Handmaid’s Tale;” the right: “the left wants to murder.” Both challenging to challenge (except, well, with science, empathy, gender equity, and all). This writer’s story does not have to be backed by her reasons for her decisions or footnote it with “but then I had three children that I love with a supporting husband and father whom I will cherish forever and ever...” It doesn't need it, and no one should feel compulsed to make their story any different.

Ageism coming to a job search near you. We mean yours. A lot sooner

1/2 of PlaceInvaders also designs Infographic Résumés. On a regular basis, clients talk about ageism starting earlier and earlier than before. As technology changes more quickly, and tech adoption comes more naturally to the younger, more pliable minds, we can see at least part of the reason. How do you market your experience when too much experience is a negative? You've been through it all, seen it all, but it's all different now so none of it matters. We suggest you start writing your memoirs and marketing yourself as a motivational speaker or consultant. Welcome to the gig economy, Gen-Xers.

There is no reason for you to casually drink bottled water

Half of Placeinvaders was recently in an airport and forgot his water bottle. He saw an orphaned single-use plastic water bottle alone on a chair in an otherwise empty gate, picked it up, and used it for the entirety of his trip. He also likes to call smartwater "dumb water" since whoever bought it fell for paying a ridiculous amount for a well-designed bottle and a marketing gimmick and he thinks he's really clever about that. We do not fail to see the irony in flying across America as much as we do and then chiding anyone for throwing away a disposable plastic bottle (those two links compare the impact of both and we're sorry). We want to change, and we're doing it, albeit slowly. Now we feel bad, but these places aren't going to invade themselves.

So which country is getting invaded now?

One of the comments on a Facebook we were following today said "Young people see themselves as being part of the larger global community. They value fighting for things like the planet and socioeconomic equality and don't see those values in alignment with a career in the military." Sure, there are probably plenty that dislike everything that's not "American" and want to bomb it, not thinking about how it's all part of a whole, but MSNBC and Fox have no reason to connect the dots for them. They sell ads, not news. Last night, 1/2 of PlaceInvaders was stuck in a room in Kalispell, MT with white noise in his headphones while a bunch of talking heads gave their opinions on "escalations in the Persian Gulf" and helped inspire a bunch of your coworkers to think that maybe we should start bombing Iran. How about we just stop bombing? Let's get our military to plant some trees or something.