Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 5, 2019

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 5, 2019

On Megan Rapinoe, by Sue Bird

It’s a tribute to American culture that our women’s sports teams are so dominant, internationally. While the USMNT didn’t make the world cup for the first time since before a lot of you were born, the USWNT has cruised to another spot in the final, largely in part to boss-lady Megan Rapinoe. This story about Megan, penned by international champion and girlfriend, Sue Bird, is touching, irreverent, quirky, reads more like a blog post, and honestly we need more journalism like this. You’ll love it. We’ll be watching the USWNT on Sunday and we urge you to cheer one of the most dominant teams international sport and just hope you can get over the fact that you’re pretty much rooting for the Yankees or the Patriots (both of which our women are!) to win yet another title. And it’s ABSOLUTELY ridiculous that any other soccer final is scheduled on the same day of the women’s championship game. They don’t even play hockey against basketball in the NHL/NBA finals. Megan is right yet again.

On Indulging Responsibly

½ of PlaceInvaders quit drinking a year and two months ago and hasn’t felt the need to go back. Right now he’s remembering the time where he was having an argument with his girlfriend at the time, wanted to resolve things, and dragged her off the dance floor of a mutual friend’s wedding to have the conversation, leading indirectly to their breakup. The other half of PlaceInvaders is hearing this story for the first time in text right now and she is specifically mortified about this, but that’s just what happens when you can’t be sure you are in control of your judgment. We have a tough time with this particular subject as we encourage everyone to make their own decisions about their sobriety at our events, but we’d be complicit if our service led to arguments, violence, or other relationship issues arose as a result. 

On Fish Sauce

If you like food, you’ll love this series on Netflix called “Flavorful Origins.” It’s based in Southern China and is pretty much an ad for tourism in the area but we can’t wait for them to explore more of China and tell us about the preparation of many of these traditional Chinese dishes. The one we chose to share with you is about fish sauce, which if you don’t have in your kitchen by now, we need to have a talk. There’s also episodes on galangal, hot pot, bean paste… We’ve often thought about starting a YouTube channel where we walk into an Asian supermarket, grab some random bottle or can off the shelf, research it, taste it, learn about its application, and try it in a few recipes. Don’t you wanna know how delicious all that stuff could be if you knew how and when to use it? We’ve got a jar of Bangus Milkfish in the pantry that we’re just dying to try.

On Monuments Honoring Women

We just love this and think you'll love it, too.

On Quoting Movie Lines

1/2 of PlaceInvaders spent July 4th with a high school bestie and her family, including her two sons. The discovery that said young men are terrific at quoting lines from one of (perhaps THE) most-watched movies of their mom's teenage years, Tommy Boy, gave us all kinds of pride. Nailing a "your brain has a shell on it" moment is perhaps what similar to other parents--ok these parents, too--feel about their kid's little league home runs. Is there too much damn content for us to quote movies like we used to? Are screenwriters just not optimizing for it? Did memes fill up the space in our brains that we used to fill with quotables? Is there any sort of reward for the fact that we definitely could maybe recite the entire script of the film Old School, if required, and would there be bonus points if we also know the moves to the entire fraternity dance?