Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 12, 2019

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 12, 2019

On All Things Detroit 

You may already be aware that Detroit holds a special place in our hearts, we pretty much talk about it to anyone who’ll listen. Since we started visiting a few years ago, the big abandoned train station in the heart of Corktown has been particularly intriguing. It’s now being updated to house Ford’s innovation operations. This BBC article has so much interesting history and context on one of our favorite cities, through the lens of this truly remarkable piece of architecture. If you haven’t visited Detroit lately, especially if you’re a New Yorker and can often find flights there for around $100 round trip, we highly recommend a visit. Hit us up for great recs for amazing food, interesting neighbs, and fun folks to meet.

On Awful Actions

There was a Maya Angelou quote about all of the terrible things people did in the world and how she always had to remind herself that all of those terrible things that had been done, she might just as easily doing them if her circumstances were different. We’ve all had thoughts we can’t justify about violence toward another person. It’s natural, it’s instinctual, it’s part of our survival instinct and a few other parts not so basic. We fight these weird urges back without consequence 99.99999% of the time, but when someone doesn’t, thinking “well, that person is crazy,” doesn’t quite explain it. That person is just like you, but with a few different circumstances.

On Thelma & Louise

Speaking of circumstances, we’ve got a few people in our lives who would be ripe for a Thelma & Louise type adventure, we saw the opportunity, proposed it to the two unsuspecting retired women, and they were super excited. Have we just created a monster (or a simple Pacific Northwestern camping trip, we’ll see how it turns out)? Do you have anyone in your life who you think might benefit from a change of scenery and needs a travel companion? There should be a website for this, right? Upload your DNA and National Parks bucket list to get matched with the perfect foil for your adventure proclivities? Grand Canyon auto crashes only with double opt-in.

On Intermittent Fasting

It’s the diet that’s not a diet. Really. You can eat anything you want for a few hours a day as long as you give your body a rest from its inner-workings for the rest of the day. We see this making sense from an evolutionary perspective: you might go out first thing in the morning and hunt, forage, or fish, bring back the goods and make dinner out of it, and then become drowsy when the red-hued light starts to fade (we’ve got our Night Shift on). If you’ve tried all diets, try this one last. It takes a bit of self-control, like all diets, but this one seems to be a bit easier to do when you’re just punching a clock.

On Fancy Brooklyn Schools

½ of PlaceInvaders spent a May and June living in Brooklyn Heights, and came across some of the Preppy Moms, Power Moms, and Fashion moms featured in this bizarro dramatic saga about the local upscale pre-school. We aren't obscenely rich, and we don't have any kids, but it seems like the combination of both inspire in those responsible for educating said kids truly bananas behavior. Fun beach read, full of gossip, celebrity name dropping, ill-advised Instagrams, leaked emails, and a WAG straddling a giraffe.