Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 26, 2019

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // July 26, 2019

On Pairings in a Box

House Wine (well, Charles Smith wine) was one of our first brand partners, we worked with them for our first Seattle event. We love Cheez-its. Have you ever had Cheese Nips? Nips are Kraft’s Hydrox to Kelloggs’ Oreo. Nips are the rough, one-ply to Cheez-its supple, soft Charmin. Nips are the mid-life crisis Mazda Miata to Cheez-its Porsche 911. Nips are the walk-up apartment in Times Square to the Cheez-its SoHo loft. The box of wine is still a box of wine, but we think they significantly upleveled their brand with this strong partnership. Nips & Franzia would be equal partners; Franzia is the Cheese Nips to House Wine’s Cheez-its.

On Arming Both Sides

We’ve been waiting for this article for a while. More educated, capable, patriotic (for what America stands for, not for what it embodies under the current administration) Americans taking full advantage of their rights of life and liberty. We’re in a crisis of ideals vs. ideals, interpretations vs. interpretations, and if one side decides to not use their rights in this crisis, the battle may be over before it starts. Don’t imagine that violent revolution in America has gone extinct, because the only dodos are the ones who think that a few planes, tanks, and drones can defeat 200MM of us. Know, understand, and take advantage of your rights.

On The White Stripes

Everything you ever could have hoped to know about the origin of The White Stripes. That’s it, that’s the ‘Talk.

On Immigrants and Business

Talking with my nephew this week has been interesting. He works at Bath Iron Works making warships, and is very Libertarian. Maine is a state that has a lot of refugees from Africa and he doesn’t want his tax dollars going to give them a free ride, despite how the actual numbers tell the story. America can make all the laws it wants that violate international treaties it agreed to when it was a much more conscientious union, and when someone comes into our country fleeing a corrupt, war-torn, gang-ravaged, or climate-impacted area and are looking for a better life, we owe it to them to give them a shot at the American dream. If someone scratches and claws a few thousand bucks to pay a coyote or walks a thousand miles to potential freedom through the Sonoran desert to the US border, there is an overwhelmingly high likelihood that person is going to be a benefit to our society.

On Tossing Old Fish

We just read Ruth Reichl’s memoir about her time editing Gourmet magazine, Save Me The Plums, which is terrific. We loved an anecdote she shared was about the difficult decision in the early 2000’s for a magazine aimed at encouraging the enjoyment of food to publish David Foster Wallace’s piece about the Maine Lobster Festival, a many-thousand word essay on the ethics of murdering sentient beings. Yes, we as a company want you to have a great time eating things that are delicious, which may be at odds with telling you about how awful some production of said delicious things are for the planet, or for the things. We take pride in generating significantly less food waste than many other dining options, because all our guests are served the same menu, and we always know how many are coming. We’re glad the media (ourselves included, we guess) finds it less controversial these days to cover atrocities in food systems, but it was insightful to learn how Ruth struggled back in the day.