Hagan Blount

PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 2, 2019

Hagan Blount
PlaceInvaders TableTalk Newsletter // August 2, 2019

On The Great Hack

This is a must watch for moderates and Stein or Johnson voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Cambridge Analytica regressed our democracy, and if you’re anything like us, this Netflix doc will subject you to waves of nausea and existential dread. Yet another case of technology failing us. We are the commodity. Your eyeballs = their paychecks. And we’ve got #moscowmitch trying to make sure all of this can happen again as he blocks every election security bill presented to congress, so the likelihood of a fair election in 2020 is dwindling. Just so you know, traditional media isn’t going to stop using similar tactics to sway your 2020 vote, so who can you trust? We don’t know, anymore. And a-whole-nother 'Talk could be dedicated to figuring out how it was decided that Brittany Kaiser would be portrayed the way she was. Keep your eyes peeled for the completely bananas moment when a montage of BK Insta shots includes a zoom-in on her half consumed pint of beer. Seriously, why?

On a Truly Crime-Infested Tower

We’re sure there are criminals in other super-luxury buildings and we welcome those findings when someone lists them in their Twitter feed, but for now, here’s a fun list. How much smoke does there need to be before someone finds the fire? Unfortunately, the fire is still burning in those deleted/destroyed/unrecoverable/untraceable apps/emails, so, you know. COMPLETE EXONERATION!

On White Privilege

How often do you hear someone, a friend, family member, or passerby, say something somewhere on the spectrum from ignorant to outright xenophobic? The process of internally weighing of whether to call this person out likely covers a lot of ground in a short window of opportunity and if we’re being honest, we bet more often than not you (and we) just don’t. This writer shares such riveting detail from her meticulous consideration (and hesitation) around discussing white male privilege with white men, with such honesty, that we found so fascinating and useful. Voiced by Yale professor who teaches about whiteness in America, who in our minds should have all the words and confidence to plow forward, the anecdotes shared, mostly about interactions in first class airplane cabins, maybe helpful the next time you overhear something low key awful. 

On Tarantino and Women

The much-celebrated filmmaker’s treatment of women has been questioned for a lot of his multi-decade career, and he mostly hasn’t deigned to address it. On a scale from one to cancelled, how problematic is this issue? Is the frequency of violence against women in Tarantino’s films, both fictional and actual, no matter how well choreographed and cleverly screenwritten, evidence of his misogyny, hatred, or even just complicated feelings toward the gender? Worth taking a look, as this article does sharply with well-examined examples from several films.

On the Future of Ski Towns

We were thinking of forming a Climate REIT where we get some investment from progressive types, find the next land most suitable for wine and cannabis cultivation, and buy ahead of time in anticipation of the shift in growing patterns globally. On a small scale, we’re thinking of investing in our own enclave and are uber-curious about this little blue dot in southwestern UT called Brian Head. With a base at 9,600, it’s 8 hours from LA (which could mean 4-5 hours when cars are all AI driven and are doing 120 on the highways as a rule) and shouldn’t lose many skiing days with the climate models predicted to 2100. Land is dirt cheap at 16k per half acre. Try buying a half acre in Park City (this quarter acre + lot is $649k) and seeing if that investment holds when there’s only 20-30 skiing days later this century. Don’t thank us for the advice now, but maybe remember to text us an invite to hot tub it with you in your dirt-cheap chalet as you’re falling asleep/drunk in your Tesla on the way to the only pow anywhere reasonably close to LA in 2065.